DSLReport.com and broadbandreports.com and affiliated websites are nothing more than a Group of Crooked Black Hat Marketer for the Corporations they are Representing.

They are Paid by the Corporations to Monitor, Post Deceptive Lies and the DELETING of any post which may state any harmful Facts about the corporations services offered to consumers!

DSLReport and BroadbandReports and affiliates only exist to DECEIVE the Public and nothing MORE! They are performing a disservice to the internet community and should be TERMINATED.

There are legit posters, but if you Speak the Truth you will be Punished by your post being deleted....Its a FACT!

Do not support DSLReport.com and BroadbandReports.com .......... Find a forum online which Believe and Respects the Rights of the Free Speech of HARD FACTS!

BEWARE ….. DSLReport and BroadbandReports are nothing more than a Land field of Human Waste……

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